Welcome To Mollans Sur Ouveze

Welcome to Mollans sur Ouveze, the friendliest village in northern Provence. When most people think of Provence they think of quaint old villages set amongst vines and olive trees and the kind of scenes portrayed by Peter Mayle in his widely read books. Mollans has all this but also much more. All the most famous sites in Provence – Aix, Arles, the Camargue and the Pont du Gard – are within easy reach but Mollans is located in a much less well-known area called the Baronies. It has a different, more mountainous landscape, a different heritage and is more varied in many ways that the discerning visitor will appreciate and, quite probably, come to love.
The purpose of this site is to acquaint would-be visitors with this variety: the village itself, life in the village and the many attractions to be found both in the village itself and the area around it. It details where you can stay, what you can see and do, the village events you can participate in and the facilities you will find. Explore this site and you explore a fascinating and little-known corner of France. Above all, the purpose of this site is to expose the heart, soul and personality of Mollans. And, if you visit, you can be sure of a warm welcome.

Mollans is a small village (~1000 inhabitants) situated in the north of Provence in an area known as The Baronies at the very southernmost point of the Drôme Department. The nearest large towns are Orange and Avignon, 50km and 60km to the south respectively. The nearest small towns are Buis les Baronnies, 8km to the north, Malaucène 10 km to the south-east and Vaison-la-Romaine 11km to the west. It lies in the river Ouvèze valley with, broadly, the Provencal plain to the south and the foothills of the Alps to the north. It is thus hillier than most of Provence but less mountainous than the Alps region, although with Mont Ventoux only a few kilometres away it can claim at least one mountain.
A car is a definite prerequisite for visiting Mollans but wider national and international connections are good. TGV stations at Avignon, Montélimar and Orange connect to hubs such as Lille, Lyon and Paris and international airports at Avignon, Marseilles and Nîmes are within a 90-minute drive.

This site has been created principally by Ian Hugo, who lives in Mollans, but others have made important contributions. Carl Hugo has helped greatly to resolve a nuumber of technical problems, Steve Goble has reviewed and made many useful comments on the text, Claudine Cellier has translated the text into French and Rineke De Jong has done the same for Dutch. It should be noted these last were told to feel free to elaborate around the original English text with the result that the French and Dutch texts should be regarded as versions rather than strict translations.  In the Writers section poetry is not translated and so appears in all cases in the language in which it was written.

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