Resident in the village are a number of able scribes, both professional and amateur.  Below are some details of them and their work.  Examples of their work can be read in separate subsections for each.

Thierry Malot, village bard
You may encounter Thierry almost anywhere in the village, often in the Bar du Pont where he is known for his love of white or rosé wine. The village odd job man, he is known for his good humour, helpfulness, always willing to help with any job, however small, and always smiling. He is well known also for his love of and familiarity with the songs of Georges Brassens, which he will happily sing whenever the occasion presents itself. He is also the unofficial village bard, creating poems about villagers ad hoc on their birthdays or just whenever he feels like it, somewhat à la William McGonagall.

Armand Monge
Armand Monge is very unusual in being both a builder and a writer, using both “media” to express his artistic bent. He has renovated many houses in Mollans, both enhancing and adding features that contribute to the beauty and structural integrity of the buildings. He also has several literary works to his credit.

Ian Hugo
Ian has had three books published and literally hundreds of papers and articles, all on IT, in a wide variety of computer publications and newspapers such as The Times, The Financial Times and The Indepenent.  In his retirement he decided to attempt writing fiction, examples of which are given in his subsection.

Daniel Roche
Daniel was Professor of French Literature at the universities of Dijon and La Réunion, in both places specialising in drama and films.  On taking retirement, he returned to his birthplace of Mollans and now writes occasionally just for pleasure.

Dany Sue
Dany has been an amateur painter for many years and, with Claude Boileau, initiated the Painters in the Streets festival in 1984.  A great traveller, he left as he puts it on a galleon to meet his siren with the golden eyes………no, it wasn’t an aeroplane.  He has written a great deal about his memories of Mollans and all his travels (short stoires, novels and poems) and he invites you to discover these and his paintings.

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