Village Life

Village Life
A principal attraction of Mollans sur Ouveze is that it is a living village, unlike many villages in the area which, although undoubtedly picturesque, come to life only in the summer and lack many amenities. This phenomenon is generally a function of most houses in the village being second (summer) homes.
Mollans is different. The vast majority of houses belong to people who live (and work) there throughout the year. A result is a set of shops and services that cater for all essential needs. There is a general grocery store, two bakers, a butcher, an organic food shop, an organic wine shop, a hairdresser, a beauty salon, two restaurants, two cafés, a garage, a library, a post office (which also contains a tourist information centre) and a village doctor and dentist. There is also a village school.
If you visit Mollans, therefore, you not only see a picturesque Provençal village but also have the chance to experience village life.
This post is also available in: Dutch, French

This post is also available in: French, Dutch